My Pledge to You!
Honesty and Hard Work....
Members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly enjoy some of the best salaries and perks in the nation which is one of the reasons why we are the second most costly state legislature in the country.  I am not going to Harrisburg for the perks, I am going to serve you.  Here are some of my commitments:
I Will Work for You!
Above all, I pledge that I will work for you and the other citizens of the 38th District.  I will extensively research each issue in order to make the best decision to serve you. 
No State Pension
I will not accept any state pension to be your State Senator.  The state pension system is already broke and doesn't need politicians draining it of more funds for a rich pension that few of their constituents would be able to get through their own jobs.
I Will Not Accept any Salary while the State doesn't have a Budget
It is ridiculous that all too often our state legislature and governor do not pass a budget on-time.  This can have real effects on people throughout Pennsylvania with payments being halted to schools, hospitals, and other service entities as well as closing parks and other facilities.  If the elected representatives can't do their job and pass a budget then they shouldn't get paid either.
I Will Not Accept Salary Increases
I will not accept any salary increases while a State Senator.  Our state legislators are already the 2nd highest paid in the country.
I Will Not Accept Per Diems
The abuse of Per Diems by members of the General Assembly has been a well documented process by the press.  I will not bill the state for more than any actual expenses.
I Will Drive My Own Car at My Expense
I will not accept a state car or bill the state for mileage for my own vehicle.   I will use my salary to cover my vehicle expenses.